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As an ecological diaper service, we deliver diapers to childcare and collect the used diapers. In this way we relieve you of logistical concerns, so that you have more time for the children. But there's more! Woosh's mission is to make diaper recycling possible. We want to save the diaper from the landfill without you having to change anything about your habits.

Handy for you, good for the planet!


Woosh delivers diapers to nurseries and collects them after use according to a fixed (bi)weekly schedule. We help to minimize your worries about the supply and disposal of diapers. Parents also no longer have to bring diapers. Bye bye hassle!


In our convenient ordering platform tell us quickly and easily exactly what you need. So there is no need to purchase in bulk, you only order what you need for the coming period. In addition to diapers and diaper pants, you can also order care products. You can adjust your order up to 36 hours before delivery. Nice and flexible!


Through (bi)weekly deliveries our driver will deliver your order to your stock room. No more carrying bags and bags of diapers in!


You deposit the used diapers in the Woosh container. When we deliver the new diapers, we immediately collect the full containers from where they are. And you will receive a freshly cleaned one instead. You're welcome!


You can easily place and manage your orders via our professional ordering platform my.woosh:

  • order and change your order up to 36 hours before delivery
  • maintain an overview of all delivery and collection times
  • request additional (or different) delivery and collection times
  • inform us of your leave and closing days
  • Manage and consult your billing information in one place

And the financial picture?

Ecological is often associated with expensive. Not at Woosh!

The price of our diaper is comparable to that of other premium diapers, but you get all these benefits on top of it:

  • Ecologically responsible, quality diaper
  • Delivery of the diapers to your stock room
  • Frequent collection of diaper waste
  • Cleaned custom waste containers
  • Processing of the diaper waste
  • Research & development regarding diaper recycling
  • Personal customer support
  • Handy digital ordering platform my.woosh

Our price also fits perfectly within the Kind & Gezin guideline.
Ecological, but also affordable! 


I would like to become a wooshie. What now?

Are you interested in joining Woosh? please fill in the contact form below or contact us hallo@woosh.be or 09 296 46 25. We would love to visit you to get to know you better!

During a no-obligation introductory meeting one of our account managers will look at your specific needs and develop a tailor-made plan. This way you have all possible information at your disposal and a clear view of the logistical and financial picture. We also leave a package of diapers that you can test for free.

If you decide to join Woosh after the test period, we will plan a personal onboarding interview in. At that time we will deliver your first order of diapers and your Woosh container, make concrete agreements and show you how the ordering platform works. From that moment on you can order your own diapers!

About the communication with parents you don't have to worry: we provide flyers and posters or, if desired, organize an information moment so that you can inform the parents correctly!

And ours remain afterwards account manager and helpdesk always available for questions. 


Complete the contact form below or contact us at hallo@woosh.be or 09 296 46 25. We will contact you as soon as possible!


We developed the Woosh at home service especially for parents.

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