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Woosh launches its own diaper in a first step towards a circular diaper. 

Woosh is on a mission to create a circular ecosystem for baby diapers. The company has recently launched a diaper of its own, optimized for recycling and containing recycled material. This ties in perfectly with Woosh’s plans to build its own recycling and R&D centre in Bruges this summer, with the ultimate goal of making the diaper chain circular. The Woosh diaper is premium quality, and has been designed to make life easier for professional caregivers in daycare centres. 

Woosh wants to make diapers circular. It is convinced that the problem isn’t disposable diapers in themselves, but what happens to them after use. Today, used diapers are still disposed of as residual waste. There are about 33 billion disposable baby diapers per year thrown away in Europe alone, amounting to 6.7 million tons of waste (Cabrera and Garcia, 2019). In Belgium, used diapers account for 7.5% of residual waste every year (OVAM, 2022). This residual waste currently disappears into incinerators, resulting in an enormous impact on the environment. 

Woosh wants to save the diaper from the waste mountain by taking responsibility for the diapers it puts on the market. To succeed in this mission, Woosh has created a unique ecosystem based on three principles. An efficient collection service makes it possible to collect used diapers, separated at source. This is unique in Belgium. Secondly, Woosh aims to deal with this diaper waste sustainably with its own unique recycling process. Finally, the diaper itself is designed for optimal recycling. In partnership with diaper manufacturer Ontex, Woosh developed one of the first diapers to use recycled plastic for certain components without compromising on the highest quality requirements and product safety. This is part of the joint mission to make diaper recycling possible, and thus close the loop of single-use diapers.

Woosh previously announced that it was building its own recycling and R&D centre this summer. After three years of research, development and hard work behind the scenes, the plant will become operational in autumn 2024, enabling the collected diapers to be recycled. 

Jeff STUBBE, co-founder & CEO at Woosh: “The launch of our own Woosh diaper, optimized for recycling, is a logical step towards circularity for baby diapers. Because we have control of both the composition of the product and its processing, we can align the two perfectly. According to the “design for end-of-life” principle, we started at the end and designed a diaper with recycling in mind. Among other things, shifting to mono-materials is an important element of this. We use recyclable plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene as much as possible. In addition, we avoid materials such as cotton, PLA and PET in the diaper that might disrupt our innovative recycling process.”

But it doesn’t stop there. With its own Woosh diaper, Woosh limits environmental impact by using 100% recycled plastic for both the packaging and the waterproof inner layer of the diaper. That way, Woosh avoids consuming new raw materials in the production of these components. 

Annick De Poorter, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer at Ontex: “We are extremely proud of the diaper that we have designed for and with Woosh. In every product that we make, we seek out ways to improve our impact on the environment. For this diaper too, we have conceived the design, the formulation and the packaging in such a way as to ensure that, after recycling, there are still useful raw materials to use in new diapers, and that the diaper also remains affordable”

Romiena DECOUTERE, COO at Woosh: “Besides our circular ambitions, we obviously don’t want to compromise on quality. Along with Ontex, we have developed a diaper that meets the highest quality requirements and fulfils the needs of professional caregivers in daycare centres. The diaper has stood up to a range of professional tests and has demonstrated its performance, both in the daytime and as a night diaper. In addition, the diaper does not contain any perfumes, lotions, or harmful substances. It is safe, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and made of soft materials. The Woosh diaper is distributed within our network of child daycare centres and childminders who use the Woosh diaper service, but it is also available to the general public through our online store.”

Additionally, Woosh took account of the specific needs and wishes of our end user, the professional caregiver, in designing the diaper. A prominent indication of size, suitable packaging and visual colour coding are a few examples of these needs. The Woosh diaper contributes to the service Woosh provides, which focuses on making life easier for caregivers. It’s no secret that this group of people is under enough pressure already. Woosh takes away all their worries relating to diapers and diaper waste in the daycare centre, giving them time to do what really matters: care for the little ones. Every size of diaper also has a unique design, inspired by little children who “colour the world more beautifully.” 

In parallel to this, Woosh has launched a new logo and new corporate branding which stay true to its original identity while visualizing the dynamic of the organization and brand. This is a new chapter that symbolizes the milestones reached on the way to achieving the company’s mission and looks forward to what is still in the pipeline!


Woosh recently celebrated its third birthday. It now has a team of more than fifteen people, based in Ghent, with the mission of making diapers circular. The diaper service is mainly intended for daycare centres and childminders, currently serving 700 locations in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia from five logistical hubs. Diaper manufacturer Ontex has supported Woosh since its inception. Besides building a diaper recycling ecosystem in Belgium, Woosh makes no secret of its international ambitions. Woosh aims to become a household name in diaper recycling in the EU. 

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