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Recycling single-use diapers is the final part of our mission. By reusing the materials in used diapers, we are able to close the diaper chain.

Single-use diapers can be perfectly recycled. The different materials from a used diaper (plastic, cellulose, SAP and organic matter) are separated from each other via an ingenious process and reused in other applications.

By removing these materials from diaper waste and revalorizing them, we can make the diaper circular in the long term.

The Woosh Way!

Woosh will start recycling diapers from the autumn of 2024. We developed our own recycling process for this, tailored to our Woosh diaper. As a first step in this process, we focus on the efficient separation of materials and the recycling of plastic.

Focus on efficient separation

Our separation process is innovative and efficient, takes place without added water and is energy efficient.

Focus on plastic recycling

Of all the materials present, plastic has the greatest impact on CO 2 emissions and is the most interesting to recycle due to its high quality.


Although we have already taken important steps in our recycling story, we still have a long way to go. We realize that.

That is why we continue to focus on research, development and innovation. In this way, we want to further optimize our existing processes and at the same time look for ways to valorize the other materials in diapers.

To facilitate this, we will soon build our own recycling and R&D center in Bruges. The very first in Belgium!

Want to read more about this milestone? Click here.


At Woosh we are always open to partnerships that can help realize our mission. Do you have knowledge, materials or techniques that can help us and do you want to make an impact in the field of diaper recycling?

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