The ecological diaper service

Woosh is an ecological diaper service for daycare centers and childminders. We make your life easier so that you can focus on what really matters: caring for the little ones. 

But there's more! Woosh's mission is to make disposable diapers circular and our first step is recycling. We want to save the diaper from landfill without childcare professionals or parents having to change their habits. 

We strive for happy babies, happy childcare professionals and a happy planet!

With the Woosh diaper, babies enjoy the very best protection. Our diaper has been dermatologically tested, ensures dry bottoms for up to 12 hours and is free of harmful substances. Kind to the skin, gentle on bums!

Woosh delivers diapers to your stock room and collects the used diapers from where you keep them. We relieve you of logistical worries so you have more time for the children!

We make diaper recycling possible with the used diapers that we collect. In this way we create a circular system, reduce CO 2 emissions and contribute towards a cleaner planet!

Making diapers circular

At Woosh we have a mission. A mission to make diapers circular! We want to turn the diaper world upside down and close the loop for the first time. Out of love for the little ones, for you and for our planet.

We believe that our responsibility does not stop with delivering the diaper. That's why we collect our diapers again after they've been used, giving us access to a steady stream of material for recycling.

To achieve this closed loop, we created a unique and innovative model based on 3 pillars: our diaper, our service and our recycling process.

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The Woosh approach
in 3 pillars

Our diaper was designed according to the principle 'design for recycling' with a view to optimal material recovery.

Collecting used diapers ensures a separated waste stream, a necessary condition for recycling

We make diaper recycling possible with the used diapers. Our goal: reusing valuable materials and reducing CO2 emissions.

Join us

Become a Wooshie and support the path to a sustainable future for our children. Together we build a more beautiful planet with less waste and less CO 2 emissions!

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