Frequently Asked Questions

The Woosh Diaper

With reusable diapers you use one and the same diaper over and over again. Reusable diapers should be washed and dried after each use. This requires a lot of energy and time from parents and caregivers.

Woosh diapers are disposable diapers that are collected after use and sustainably processed with the ultimate goal of complete recycling. 

The Woosh diapers are suitable for all babies. They have been dermatologically tested and contain no perfume, no lotion and no harmful substances.

The diapers are available from size 1 (2 to 5 kg) to size 6 (13 to 18 kg). The diaper pants are available from size 4 (9 to 15 kg) to size 6 (15+ kg).

Woosh also offers its own diaper pants and a range of ecologically responsible care products from Naïf, such as diaper cream, wet wipes, sunscreen and wash gel. You can have them delivered (bi)weekly together with your diaper order.

The diapers cannot be purchased in the store, but can easily be ordered via our ordering platform (for daycare centers and childminders) and via our webshop (for parents). To do this, click on the order button at the top right of the website. 


Yes, parents and private individuals can also purchase Woosh diapers. You can order these via our webshop (see the order button at the top right), after which Woosh will deliver the diapers to your daycare center at no additional cost. You then take your diapers with you when you pick up your baby. Handy! More information can be found on our website under 'Our service' > 'Our service for parents'. 

The Woosh Service

If parents bring their own diapers, they no longer have to do so. Easy for the parents and for the daycare center! If this is not an option for some parents (for example for medical reasons), they can of course still bring their own diapers.

Woosh diapers and diaper pants, wet wipes, cotton balls, paper towels and waste bags may be placed in the Woosh waste container.

Plastic ampoules, ear sticks, plasters, gloves, disposable washcloths, sanitary towels, cardboard, paper, other residual waste and PMD are not allowed in the Woosh container.

From the autumn of 2024, Woosh will start recycling diapers in its own recycling and R&D center. We developed our own recycling process for this, tailored to our own diaper. As a first step, we focus on the efficient separation of materials and on the recycling of plastic. Of all the materials present, plastic has the greatest impact on CO2 emissions and is the easiest to recycle due to its high quality.

Until that period, the used diapers are used for research and development.

Yes, you can enter your holidays or closing days via the my.woosh ordering platform and then the service will be paused. 


Of course! Even if you have not submitted an order, we will still come by to collect the waste.

Yes, you can submit orders in advance and change them later if desired.

The Woosh Mission

There are currently no diaper recycling facilities in Belgium because there is no separate waste stream for used diapers. Woosh is changing that! By collecting diaper waste from daycare centers, we create a separate waste stream and make diaper recycling possible.

In the summer of 2024, we will start building our own recycling and R&D center in Bruges, which will be operational from the autumn of 2024. A major milestone in realizing our mission!

The Flemish government is considering making diaper recycling mandatory. The Woosh project is already receiving support from OVAM as a pilot project to evaluate this 'recycling (r)evolution'.

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